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Mason Dental Care Live on Channel 5 - Reopening With New Safety Protocols

Dr. Hillis talks to WLWT Channel 5's Courtis Fuller about the May 1 reopening and new Exposure Control program in place to keep patients safe and comfortable.

Dr. Hillis discussed how the office was fully ready and eager to start caring for patients again. He shared five new protocols in place:

  • Wellness Check Call 24 hours ahead We will call you 24 hours ahead of your scheduled appointment to confirm your visit and take an over the phone assessment of your health.

  • Temperature Screening upon arrival We will take your temperature upon arrival with a head thermometer. Patients with a fever will be reappointed and recommended they contact their physician.

  • Parking Lot Waiting Room All patients will stay in their vehicle in the parking lot until called in for the appointment instead of sitting in our office waiting room.

  • Reduced Number of Patients We will be accepting less patients each day to give proper spacing between patients and give our staff adequate time to sterilize.

  • Monitoring Staff Health Daily Each day we will closely monitor the health of our staff to ensure they have no signs of a virus. Anyone that is showing signs will go home until they are well.


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